5 Interesting Facts About Almeria

Spain is well known among tourists because in this country across Europe there is a mixture of tourist or recreational places and places that improve our vision. The province of Almeria, located in the southeast of Spain, is the best case for a situation like this. The truth is told, historical places that are more important in Almeria than in any other place in Spain. At this moment we begin our tour in Almería:

Castle of the Kasbah

Especially in an ideal world on the top of a hill, the castle was home to some 20,000 armed soldiers. It was built on top of the mountain to be filled as a monitor to monitor the evolution of pirates and other enemies. Also, enemies find it difficult to reach the top of the hill.

Universal Gothic design

The castle has a cathedral built in universal Gothic design. According to historians, the temple was built in 1524. However, it was destroyed by a severe seismic earthquake. Then another cathedral was made instead of the ruined temple. Tragically, this cathedral suffered losses during the war. Be like this, every time you are a victim. Rebuilt and restored to its former glory.

The cathedral retains its charm to this day. The cathedral houses many valuable collections of crafts and ancient paintings. The work of the marble model, the workpieces in the entrance and the windows are surprisingly beautiful. As for the founder of the cathedral, Bishop Philalan, the house of prayer was built, where the tomb of the bishop was built.

Cabo de Gata Almeria

This distinctive park covers an area of approximately 45,000 hectares. The park is located near the beach and has a long mountain on the back. According to geologists, the hill is a volcanic development and faces this mountain is a beautiful white sand beach. That is where everyone will love it. The beach has many hidden bays. There are also coral reefs near the shore. When you go into the park, you will see that it is not like your companions, and it is so beautiful that you want to take pictures of every corner and corner of the park. The beach has many water sports offices.

Source of Magharebia

That is an exciting place that no visitor should miss. According to historians, it is believed that this fountain was built during the Roman period. It is true that this fountain was a source of water for the members of Mojacar. Interestingly, the history of the city was on the stone around the sprue this spring.


Mojacar is a city in the province of Almería. That was a castle before turning it into a community. It was additionally in the customs during the 18th century and the place where the tradition of being seen until today was collected. A beautiful curve that is believed to have been built in the 15th-century respects visitors.


VisitingAlmería is one of the best decisions you can take. Always ensure that you plan well before leaving the home. If you go there during Halloween, different sites offer kindergarten Halloween games crafts